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Our Jr Golf Development Academy consists of a weekly curriculum that focuses on the development of fundamental movement patterns and sports skills through a variety of golf-related activities. We use the Long Term Athletic Development and TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) guidelines to achieve a learning environment that is conducive to all ages and abilities levels. Our 2019 academy will take place at Tetherow Golf Club in Bend, Oregon.

Program Outline

Just a few benefits…


Enjoy 6 hours of instruction during our 4-week academy program.

Education & Development

Our program is designed to help players develop fundamental movement and sports skills.


Participants will engage in fun activities & competitive games to assist in the development of our core values: honesty, dedication, perseverance, sportsmanship, and integrity.

Driving Development

We are dedicated to maintaining a 6:1 player instructor ratio for optimal results.


golf education

Our program is designed to provide players of all levels an opportunity to enhance their overall performance and knowledge of the game including, shot making, shot selection, rules, and etiquette.


movement development

Our general guidelines segment activities into 4 categories for fundamental movement skill development: Locomotive Skills, Stability Skills, Manipulation/Object Control, Awareness.


motor skills

Our program guidelines take into consideration the key stages of Motor Learning development simply described as; Discover Phase, Developing Phase & Consolidation Phase.

Location & Schedule

Here is an outline of this year’s academy schedule



Cost & Series

  • $119   Tetherow (July 9 – 31)


Ages, Days & Times

  • 7-9  Wednesdays  3:00-4:30pm
  • 10-12  Tuesdays  3:00-4:30pm
  • 13-15  Tuesdays  1:00-2:30pm

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